How to Carry a Bridal Nose Ring like A Boss

Bridal nose rings looks beautiful on the pictures and the films, but, choosing the right type for you can be a tricky affair. Generally, the nose rings are not bought with other pieces of bridal jewellery. So, it becomes a tad difficult to take the right decision. You can choose your nose rings according to your culture, but, it is better to not take the decision while riding high on the emotions. The piece of jewellery is one of the most attention-grabbing ones. Thus, the to-be brides should abide by the below tips to choose the right nose ring for themselves.

Buying the Nose Ring

While purchasing the bridal nose ring, don’t forget to try the piece. Every different piece looks differently on your face. While one nose ring looks beautiful on the mannequin, it might not look good on you. Take the photographer with you and strike a pose. The photos don’t lie.

Match It with Other Jewellery

You need to consider the bridal nose ring as part of your bridal jewellery set. So, while choosing one, try to consider, if it will look good with other parts of jewellery.

Matching the Nose ring With Your Dress

While complementing other pieces of jewellery is important, don’t ever forget about the bridal dress. The dress is the most important part of your get up and the nose ring must complement it.

The Size and Style

Comfort goes above all. Thus, while buying the nose ring, keep a steady watch on your comfort level. The ring might be a small stud or a large hoop but it is hip only if you are having fun wearing it. If the ring becomes too heavy or uncomfortable, you will not be able to carry it for the long ceremony. Therefore, it is imperative to give the piece a trial run before wearing it on the final day.

Getting The Piercing

It is YOUR body and you should take the decision. Think carefully before taking the leap. If you do want to pierce, complete the procedure at least 2 months before your wedding day. Don’t wait for the final days as the piercing can create a lot of complications. If you are not up to it, the market is flooding with pieces that do not require piercing.

Getting a bridal nose ring is a beautiful thing, but, the path is treacherous. Just keep the tips in mind, and you will be breezing through the path in no time. Remember, the wedding day is a one-time affair, and so, try to have as much fun as possible.