How Can You Care For Your Pearl Jewellery?

One of the most sensual and romantic gems of all times are pearls. They make you look fabulous and grace the beauty of their owner for many years. The soft feminine glow that they possess is impeccably beautiful and makes the wearer look incredibly beautiful. Therefore, it is very important for you to maintain the lustre of the pearls and get the best out of their use.

Since pearls are very different from the rest of the types of jewellery, you need to care for them in a better way, with more concern. They require expert handling and give you the best for your money’s worth. There are several things that can damage your pearls and ruin their soft coating. Caring for your pearls is also going to make sure that you are able to use them for the longest period of time! Here are some of the ways in which you can care for your pearls and get the best out of them! Read on to know more.

Never Polish Them with Rough Materials

One of the worst ways in which you can ruin the shine and lustre of pearls is by polishing them with a coarse material while cleaning. Even if you want to clean your pearl jewellery all by yourself, you have to keep in mind to never use a rough material or cloth for the same purpose.

You can clean your gems with the help of a soft cloth or a soft material, which is going to deliver best results in terms of retaining the shine and making your gems look better. However, using something hard and rough is going to take away the shine by forming ugly scratches all over the thing. Make sure to avoid doing that at all costs.

Acids Attacks Pearls

Acid that is produced by aerobic exercises, or even excessive perspiration, can reduce the lustre of pearls and cause damage to the shine. You should never let your pearls come in contact with the solutions that are acidic in nature, like vinegar, lemon juice or dish washing liquid. It is also harmful to swim or bathe in waters that are treated with chlorine. It is going to kill the lustre of your jewellery and make them look dull and lifeless.

However, swimming in seawater is considered it be beneficial for your pearls, since it re-hydrates them naturally.

These are some of the ways in which you can get the best out of your pearl jewellery. Make sure to care for them in the best possible way and get the best value for your money.