Grab All the Attention with the Help of Statement Bangles

Every woman loves to wear jewellery and the choice of jewellery may vary from person to person. Someone might love to wear beautiful earrings, while someone else might love to wear statement neckpieces but bangles are universally loved by all women. Usually, a married Hindu woman wears bangles as a sign of her marriage. Even if you are not married, you can wear a statement bangle and grab all attention. Before you purchase your bangle, you need to know the different types of bangles which are available.

Simple Bangles

You can choose simple bangles if you are going to wear them on a regular basis. Usually, bangles are worn in even numbers and so you can wear two or four bangles, depending on the thickness of the bangle on a daily basis. The simple bangles make you look elegant yet they are not over the top.

Noa Badhano Bangle

Every married Bengali Hindu woman wears noa badhano as a symbol of her marriage. These bangles are available in various designs and you can wear them even if you are not a Bengali.

Pola Badhano Bangle

The Bengali married women wear pola badhano which is a red colored bangle with simple yet intricate designs done on top of it. The red color of the bangle is extremely pretty and you can carry a traditional Bengali look by wearing these bangles.

Shakha Badhano Bangle

Another symbol of marriage is the sakha badhano. Usually, it is worn by married women in the eastern regions of India. Shakha badhano is a white colored bangle with designs done on top of it. Usually, a shakha badhano bangle is worn along with a pola badhano bangle.


A wristlet is a jewellery item which is worn in the wrist region. Unlike a bangle, it has a flat shape. If you do not want to wear a bangle, then a wristlet is the best option for you. A wristlet can be easily paired with traditional as well as western outfits.


A chur can be defined a thick bangle which has intricate designs done on it. A chur is usually chosen for a wedding party or some occasion, where you can wear heavy jewellery.


Though mantashas are chosen by brides for their bridal wear, it is a good option for, if you like to wear heavy jewellery. Mantashas cover your entire hand, starting from your wrist and ending somewhere in the middle of the hand. You can carry a beautiful mantasha if you have kept the rest of the jewllery items minimal.

Now, you have a clear idea about the kinds of bangles available in the market, and you can make your choice on the basis of your taste and preference.