Get to know about the Different Types of Gold plated Bracelets & Necklace

Gold is a precious metal and thus it is very costly. As not everyone can afford to buy all kinds of exquisite gold Jewellery items like necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings of gold; thereby many people consider going for gold-plated Jewellery items. Studies have shown that gold plated items are regarded as the best alternative to gold Jewellery as it is cost-effective.

Many leading Jewellery brands offer gold plated necklaces and bracelets as a part of the Jewellery sets. The necklaces and bracelets come with matching designs. In fact, the motifs that you will get to see on the necklaces are also present on the bracelets. For example, like this season the flower motifs have made a comeback so the flower motifs on the necklaces will be easily found on the bracelets also.

The gold plated bracelets can easily adorn the wrists and the hands. The gentle jingling and the shining of the bracelets will constantly remind the people around you about the magnificence of the piece. The bracelets usually come with stunning and elegant designs on them. Just like the bangle bracelets, the kada bracelets are also popular among the customers.

The gold plated bracelet and necklaces can also come with semi-precious stones studded on them. From rubies to emeralds to pearls can be found on the bracelets. Each of the pieces is uniquely designed so that wearing it can make you stand out of the crowd.

In the world of the gold plated necklaces, a woman can get to see a wide variety of necklaces. They are:

Collar Necklace: This necklace is also known by the name of the crewneck. They are 12-14 inches long and are worn halfway up the neck. You will get to see a wide kind of designs on them. They are worn around a collar bone.

Chokers: This kind of necklace comes with a single strand and helps to focus on the neckline. The choker necklaces with leaf designs or any intricate designs can make the piece of Jewellery look beautiful.

Layered Necklace: This piece of Jewellery, usually comes with two-three layers, of the gold chains of various widths. In this kind of Jewellery, the temple motifs are the best. In fact, if you are wearing layered chains then you can easily pair it up with a pendant or a brooch.

In fact, the choker and the layered necklaces are the perfect options as it can be worn with any kind of outfit, be it an Indian ethnic dress or a modern dress. You can easily style yourself and get the perfect look by wearing them at parties or for weddings.