Get an Elegant Formal Look by Wearing Pearls

If you want to sport an elegant look then pearls are definitely your best friend. You can sport an elegant look for a formal occasion or to an office. Since you are attending a formal sphere, you need to be minimalistic and you cannot chunky jewellery items. Pearls are ideal for wearing to any formal event or for regular office wear.


Since you cannot wear chunky or bold pieces of jewellery to an office, you can always opt for a string of pearls. Pearls complement all outfits, be it western or traditional and help you to portray a simple yet glamorous look. While choosing your office wear items, you should be extremely careful and pick up the pieces which will complement your office outfit.

While attending a formal event or office, you should not wear too many pieces of jewellery together. In case you are planning to go for a long string of pearls on your neck, you should avoid wearing bracelets or earrings because it might make you look clumsy.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewellery is the best choice for regular office wear. A tiny pearl stud or a teardrop pearl earring will help you to add an elegant touch to your entire look. By doing so you do not look out of place and you can portray a simple yet glamorous style.

Pearl Necklace

Since you are going to a formal event or to an office, it is advisable not to wear chunky or huge pearl neckpieces. Even though pearls complement every outfit, you should check whether they are complementing the outfit that you are wearing. The length of the necklace should not cross your bustline as you would not like to look over the top at a formal sphere. If you are wearing formal attire to an office, you can go for a pearl necklace in a short length. The pearl necklace will not overpower your look and will help you to look sophisticated.

Pearl Bracelet

If earrings and necklaces are not your things, then you can opt for a pearl bracelet. The pearl bracelets help in adding an element of sophistication to the entire look. Instead of purchasing a pearl bracelet, you can use your long string of pearls as a bracelet, by wrapping it around your wrist. In this manner, you can use a single piece of jewellery in various ways.

Pearls can help you to add an element of gleam to your boring office outfit. You can look glamorous even at work, by choosing to wear a string of pearls.