Get Acquainted With Some Exceptional Jewellery Gold Plated Pieces to Choose For Wedding Ceremonies

You may all know about the regular jewellery items which you can but for your wedding purpose. But other than this there are some of the jewellery items which are as unique and exclusive as you may think of. Not every bride to be wants to experiment with the look in the day of their weddings. But if you are an experimental bride and you want to experiment with the look and try something then you must try out some of the exclusive jewellery pieces from the gold plated jewellery collection.

Bridal jewellery always comprise of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles. You can also try out engagement rings and wedding rings from the gold plated collection. Apart from this you will also be able to buy certain jewellery items which you may not have thought of. Here is a list of those jewellery items which you try out on the day of your wedding to give a different look but without missing the elegance and classic wedding look.

Waist Belt

One of the jewellery items which are commonly sighted in most of the wedding ceremonies that the brides are wearing is the waist belt. This jewellery is available in a variety of designs and styles. But the most bought or the most loved type is the gold plated one. If you look at the stores you will find out that there are a variety of waist belts which has very minute details and intricacy on them. Try to find out the most unique of the designs which you will find in the store.


Many of the brides now-a-days want to wear a designer crown on the day of their wedding because they want to get the royal feel on that particular day. In fact they also get the feel of a princess on the day of their wedding. After all girls are princesses for their parents! Wearing a crown has become a recent trend for all the brides to be as they want to look a bit different on the special day of their life.

Khopa Jhapta

Many of the brides also want to wear khopa jhapta on the day of their wedding instead of the crown. This jewellery is very much different from crown. Khopa jhapta can be worn in the middle of the khopa or it can be worn at either of the sides of hair. If you are sporting all real gold jewelleries on the day of the wedding then also you can wear a gold plated khopa jhapta. This will make your wedding look even more special. This design of jewellery was found in the earlier days when too many designs have not been invented for the jewellery.


Mantasha is generally on the hands. It is almost similar to the bracelets but the designs are more detailed and intricate in case of mantasha. This jewellery can be worn in any of the occasion after your wedding ceremony gets over. Mantasha also complements your hands very much.