Four Must Have Kundan Ornaments for Every Woman

Kundan is recognized to be the customary Indian jewelry comprising of semi-precious stones with a gold foil between the stones and its mount. It is one of the oldest types of jewelry that has been made and worn in India. The significance of word Kundan alludes to very refined gold, which comprises of slight or no impurities.

In fact, the traditional kundan jewelry has been in vogue for over a century and is now accessible in numerous designs, hues and can be studded with various any type of valuable metal. For example, gold, silver, platinum and so on.

Some Kundan ornaments which every woman can have in their bridal or jewelry trousseau are:

Kundan Necklace: Kundan necklaces are the most sought after ornaments by the Indian brides. The refined Kundan necklaces which are usually set on yellow metal can easily awe everybody with its sparkling. The sparkle of the precious stones and also the metal can easily grab others attention. In fact, it is the sparkle and clarity of kundan necklaces are sufficient for jewelry lovers to laud and yearn for this piece of jewel. The worth of a kundan necklace depends on the clarity, cut, and inclusion on the stones on it.

Kundan Earrings: Woman always has a special affinity for earrings. And, they simply love to experiment with several kinds of earrings. When it comes to Kundan woman values displaying exquisite and mesmerizing Kundan earrings in their ears. It can go well with all kind of dresses be it a sari or an Anarkali suit. Nowadays, you will get to see many online jewelry stores who offer designer Kundan earring collections. They can match it with Kundan necklaces if they want.

Kundan Rings: Kundan rings are very attractive to look at when it is accompanied with a ruby gemstone. The splendor of ruby and grace of Kundan will make the wearer look bewitching. Any woman would love to have this piece of jewelry in their jewel box. It can be worn for wedding purpose or in parties as well. It can offer the same eminence as diamond.

Kundan Pendants: Just like a Kundan necklace you can also sport a chic kundan pendant and win accolades from the people. The yellow colored Kundan pendant which is embedded with colorful gemstones can draw the attention of others easily. This piece of jewelry can be worn as a light party wear item.

Kundan jewelry with colorful gemstones like ruby, sapphire, opal, emerald can make the jewelry piece an amazing one. The enchanting and amazing beauty of kundan adornments adds class and elegance to an outfit.