5 Ways to Wear Jhumkas Fashionably

Gone are those days when you had to cover up yourself with jewellery from head to toe. With the advent of the ‘statement’ era, you need only one piece of nice and bold jewelry to look stylish. Wearing a pair of jhumkas is considered a fashion statement nowadays. Here are some style tips that you can follow.

Long Silver Jhumkas

Long silver jhumkas goes best with occasions like evening get-together or small parties. You can pair shiny, silver jhumkas with a stylish saree or a salwar suit. If the size of your jhumkas is big then you don’t need any other accessories to complete the look, you’re already good to go. However in case of a small jhumka, pair them with silver bangles on either hand. Don’t overdo your accessories by teaming them with a large necklace as that will spoil the look completely. The key is to let your jhumkas garner all the attention.

Hoop Jhumkas

Hoop jhumkas are undoubtedly the most innovative type of jhumkas. They are a beautiful collaboration of hoop earrings and jhumkas. Salwar suits and kurtis are impeccably complemented by these lovely danglers. They are really simple and can thus be worn on a daily basis or small occasions like an evening with friends or birthday parties.

Casual Trinklets

Casual trinklets are traditional style of jhumkas and are made in a way where one jhumka hangs under another one. It is best suited for an ethnic look so sport these when you have to go to a traditional themed party. Since they are on the heavier side, you should avoid pairing them with other accessories like bangles or necklace. What you can do is wear them with a nice ring that matches with its design. These jhumkas go very well with embroidered sarees or heavy salwar kameez.

Colored Jhumkas

The traditional jhumkas are usually made with metals like gold and/or silver. However, colored jhumkas are now the new trend. They are basically made with colored gemstones or American diamonds. This is the best option for you in case you have a fixed budget but still want to stay ahead in fashion. Since they are quite cheap, you don’t have to worry much about them getting lost.

The Half Jhumka

In case you are one of those women who cannot wear heavy earrings, the half jhumka is the perfect option for you. They are very light and can be carried with ease without causing any pain to your ears. They are made by cutting its original design into half with a tiny bell like thing hanging in the middle. They go perfectly with light sarees and kurtis.

Go get a pair of lovely jhumkas and keep these tips in mind to make sure you never go wrong with them.