5 Types of Fashion Jewellery That You Must Own

Fashion jewellery is an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe. They are stylish and don't burn a hole in your pocket like gold and diamond jewellery. They are thus a fantastic substitution for the same. With the change in time and fashion over the years, the trends have also changed when it comes to fashion jewellery. If you want to stay ahead in the style game, here are some of the pieces of jewellery that you must own today.

Cocktail Rings

The modern woman does not need to be engaged or married to own that big rock on her finger. However, if you are not one of those ladies who are swooning all over diamonds, you can play around with other types of stylish rings. One such stylish piece of accessory is the cocktail ring. They are not only impeccably stylish but also impart a great look to your appearance.

As their name suggests, cocktail rings goes best with cocktail gowns and dresses for evening parties and get together. They make you look impeccably stylish and are therefore a must have piece of accessory for any woman who knows how to stay in the lead when it comes to fashion.

Studs/Chandelier/Hoop Earrings

Studs are the classic piece of accessory that a woman can adorn just with just anything and everything. They give you a simple yet classic glamorous look and are therefore the go to choice for all women.

Chandelier and hoop earrings on the other hand impart a bolder look and are meant for a party or glamorous look. Hoops go well with all kinds of dresses and can also be worn during the day time, given that they are not too heavy. Chandelier earrings are best suited for evening gowns and party dresses and they also go well with ethnics. Get your collection of these beautiful earrings to look glamorous in all occasions.

Pearl Necklace

Any woman’s fashion wardrobe is practically incomplete without a beautiful and long string of pearls. Pearls are truly evergreen and make you stand apart in every occasion where you adorn them. Pair a string of pearls with a long black dress in a party or on a date and all eyes will surely be on you.

These are three of the must have pieces of accessory that must be there in every fashionable woman’s wardrobe. They will make you stand apart in every occasion and turn heads wherever you go. So stock up your collection now!