Find Out the Easy Methods to Maintain Pearl Jewellery At Home

Jewellery pieces made of pearl are loved by most of the women especially by those who love to look elegant and graceful. Pearl can be worn with almost type of costume and to every occasion. Pearls are delicate and the same time it is durable so jewellery pieces which are med out of pearls can be preserved for long years. Pearls can be thought of stones but these are actually gemstones which are unique and equally beautiful.

It is important to maintain these high classed and delicate gemstones to keep them for many years ahead. It is essential to preserve them for maintain the shine and brightness of the stones. Take special care from the ground level that is you should maintain the pearl jewellery from the time you have bought it. If you have purchased pearl jewellery after a long time and you have spend a lot of money it is important for you to maintain them.

You may not know that pearl jewellery can be easily maintained at home and with the household items which are present at your home. Read this blog to know the tips and tricks which can be used to preserve pearl jewellery.

Keep Pearls Away From Acidic Materials

Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and so it is essential to keep them away from acidic materials like vinegar. Other than vinegar there are also other materials which are acidic and those are dangerous for pearls. In fact it is also important to keep your pearl jewellery away from sweat. But if you have to wear pearl jewellery make sure that you have cleaned and wiped out the sweat before storing it inside your wardrobe.

Keep Pearl Jewellery Away From Water

Not only acids but it is also important to keep the pearls or the pearl jewellery away from water as well. Water can cause discoloration to the pearls quickly so it is important to keep them away from any kind of contact with water.

Keep Pearl Jewellery Away from Chemicals

As pearls are soft and gentle it is important to keep them away from the contact of chemicals like hair spray and any kind of hair products and make up items. You must also keep in mind to avoid the contact with perfume in case you are wearing the pearl jewellery for any occasion. Perfume if comes in contact with the pearls can cause discoloration too faster and quicker. Earrings and necklaces are better for daily use but it is important to maintain them at home. You must also save your rings for wearing them on special occasions. Preserve them so that you can wear for longer years.

Storage of the Pearls

You must also take care regarding the storage of the pearl jewellery because it is one of the essential points to maintain them for years. You must keep them inside storage boxes so that you can avoid outside air which is hazardous for the pearl jewellery. Keep them wrapped in soft cloth to avoid them from getting scratched or having different kinds of marks.