Few Methods to Prevent Your Gold Plated Jewellery from Fading

Gold plated jewellery tends to tarnish or fade with time or with use too. But there are many ways by which you can keep your jewellery specially your gold plated jewelry intact and you can wear the jewellery pieces with ease for many years ahead.

You must be aware of the correct methods or the ways by which you can prevent your jewellery from tarnishing or fading. Take the help of the right products so that you can accomplish the mission of removing the tarnish and fading of the jewellery specially the gold ones.

In this blog you will get a clear idea about the methods by which you can keep your gold plated jewellery intact and also prevent them from becoming tarnished or if the color of the jewellery starts to fade from the pieces.

Don’t Wear Jewellery to Shower

It is advised that you should not wear your gold plated jewellery to shower as the water may damage the content of the jewellery and for the reaction it may get fade or get tarnished too. You must have the habit of removing all the gold plated jewellery before going for a shower or doing any work related to water. The case is also same for other kinds of work like for example going for swimming or going for gym sessions. The perspiration or the chlorine water of the pools may damage the jewellery at a massive rate.

Don’t Apply Perfume

Avoid using perfume while you are wearing gold plated jewellery. The harsh chemicals of the perfume or deodorant may react with the metal and can cause heavy damage to the items of jewellery. Always apply the perfume before you wear the jewellery as the jewellery may cause some changes in the appearance of them. And last but no0t the least don’t even think of applying perfume directly on to the jewellery that are gold plated.

Don’t Sleep With the Gold Plated Jewellery

Another thing which you should avoid to protect the gold plated jewellery is never sleep with the jewellery items. If you sleep with the jewellery they may have dents and scratches on them which will leave a mark on the jewellery. Sometimes it may happen that it cannot be fixed for some reason. So it is better not to sleep with the gold plated jewellery. Always remove all the pieces of jewellery and then go to sleep at night.

Don’t Travel With the Jewellery

Try to avoid travelling while you are wearing gold plated. Though it has been stated earlier that it is easier to travel with gold plated jewellery but you should not travel to a very long distance with the gold plated jewellery. and if you are travelling with the pieces of jewellery it is better to carry a separate box for storing the jewellery which might be beneficial for the jewellery and prevent them from tarnishing and having any kind of color fading too.