Extraordinary Designs of Earrings That Every Woman Must Own

Earrings is a type of jewellery for which woman can die for. The quest for getting that perfect pair of earrings never ends. They are always in search of buying different kinds of earrings which can be matched with every outfit that they own. Some are best fitted for traditional outfits and some are exclusively for western ones. You know that you have enough of them but still you go weak on your knees to get another pair of it. The purchase of earrings does not stop no matter want happens.

Earrings are available in various designs, shapes and styles to choose from. Some earrings are exclusive for wedding purposes. They are heavy in weight if you wear them you will look different from what you like in regular days. Though the style of wearing heavy jewellery has gone still some may have some excellent pieces to wear on special occasions.

You may know the designs but you may not know the names of various earrings that are available in the market. Here in this blog you will be able to recognize the earrings and also know the names of them which will be helpful for your next purchase.


Every girl has a pair of jhumkas at home to team up with that special traditional lehenga or saree. Jhumkas can be made of gold or it can be gold plated too. There are several unique designs and styles of jhumkas that are available in the shops. Some of them have semi precious stones on them or some have a droplet. You can even find jhumkas which are multicolored. So find the best jhumaks for yourself and increase the oomph factor in any occasion.


This is another variety of earrings that are famous mostly among the young generation. Danglers are best fitted for modern day dresses like gowns and other western outfits. As the name suggests danglers mean that there are strings which are attached to the centre piece of the earrings. And the best part is the strings hang downwards giving them a good effect. If you are experimental then you can try a dangler with a traditional outfit too.

Chand Balis:

Chand balis are originally worn by the women of Rajasthan or Gujarat. But we have now owned it as a part of our wardrobe. You can buy more than one chand bali because it comes in different styles and colors. The shape of them is typically of a semi circle which has sharp edges. This can be heavy so keep them aside for some special occasion to come to you. Gold chand balis are in trend now which looks gorgeous.

Stud Earrings:

These are the most common type of earrings found is the stud. If you do not find anything to wear with your outfit just put a stud earring and you are ready for any occasion. From gold to gold plated, from silver to diamond, you will stud earring for any of the type of jewellery. Just match your stud earrings with your outfit and you are ready for the celebration.

Choose the type of earrings from the mentioned that you want to add to your collection on the next purchase.