Easy Maintenance Tips for Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are considered to be timeless beauties. They are iconic, classic and feminine. They never go out of style and are a perfect choice for any occasion or outfit. Most pearls that are used today are not natural but cultured pearls. This means that they have been formed by pearl farmers by inserting a tiny bead like object into clams or oysters.

Cultured pearls are either freshwater or saltwater. Either ways, the way you care for your pearls remains the same. What should however be kept in mind is that, you do not clean your pearls in the same way that you clean your other jewellery pieces. Caring for pearls take a lot more knowledge and finesse.

Why Are Pearls Special?

Understanding how pearls are formed will explain their need of extra care. Basically, the molluscs secrete shiny nacre that covers the tiny bead or seed like particle that has been inserted into them. The depth and quality of the thickness of the nacre defines the durability of the pearls. A thin layer of nacre means that the pearl could easily chip off, or even break. This is the main reason why pearls require extra care. Another reason is that most pearl jewelleries are simply strung. And if left submerged in fluid for too long, the strings can weaken or break. Here’s how you can clean and maintain for a longer period of time.

How to Clean and Care for Your Pearls

Since pearls are more delicate and fragile than most other gemstones, they must be handled very carefully with a lot of finesse.

    • Pearl jewellery is best put on after you’ve applied your makeup and/or perfume.
    • Take off the pearl rings and other jewelleries before you apply hand or body lotions.
    • Clean your pearl jewellery with fine, lint free cloth. Damp jewellery should be air dried first and then kept away.
    • Dirty pearls can be cleaned with a very mild soap and water solution.
    • Never leave your pearl jewellery, especially neck pieces, submerged in liquids for too long.
    • Do not clean your pearl jewellery pieces with any kind of harsh chemicals like ammonia or detergents.
    • Never clean your pearl jewellery in an ultrasonic cleaner. It can severely damage the nacre coating of the pearls.

Storing Pearls

Pearl jewellery should never be stored with other kinds of jewellery because that can lead to scratches when the metals or gemstones rub against them. Store them in a soft bag made from nonabrasive material like cotton or chamois. Get them restrung them periodically to maintain their good shape.