Discover the Love for Kundan Jewellery

Women’s love for Kundan jewellery can date back to the Mughal era. It survived the ravages of time and dynastic rules. Even with the changes in the dynastic rules and annihilation of princely states, the craft of Kundan ornaments still fascinated the people. From the Mughal dynasty, this style spread to Rajasthan and Gujrat. Today, Rajasthan is considered to be the centre for the best kundankari jewellery and artisans.

Kundan is recognized to be the customary Indian jewellery. It is one of the most established types of jewellery ever constructed and worn in India. The importance of word Kundan alludes to very refined gold, which comprises slightest or no contaminations.


The fragile procedure of making Kundan ornaments includes the use of the finest and purest 24 carat of gold. Well, Kundan involves a complex procedure of setting valuable and semi-precious gemstones inside an assigned mount with gold foil.

Traditional kundan ornaments is studded with stone on one side and Meenakari on other side. The diamond and stones utilized as a part of conventional kundan jewellery are rarely strong. They are embedded into the whole parts of the gold set. The center of the ornament is produced using lac. The gaps are left to embed with stones or gold. Kundan is utilized to cover it, and lastly the pearls or stones are embedded in kundan. To raise the quality of the joints in the adornments and give it a smooth complete, more kundan is utilized.


There are many styles and variations that you can get to see in Kundan work.

Meenakari: The meena kundan is considered to be the most traditional form. In this form, you will get to see the precious gemstones being encrusted on one side and on the other side is usually decorated with Meenakari work.

Polki: It usually involves uncut precious stones. You can't find a similar piece of stone cut elsewhere. This is because no two uncut precious stones have a similar shape.

Jadau: Jadau is also known as gem setting. In this kind of jewellery style, the stones are encrusted on only one side. Various kinds of designs are available in jadau sets.

Facts about It

In fact, Kundan is accompanied by the rich craft of Meenakari work. The amalgamation of Kundan and Meenakari guarantees all-encompassing excellence of the precious gemstones. While the Kundan work can help to stun the wearer, the Meenakari monitors the rear end excellence of the ornament. This passionate work of the two old forms of jewellery making has still date enchanted women from all over the world.

This brilliant adornment is straight out charmer and it is an evergreen jewellery from numerous years. It is one of the best known and bold style explanations these days.