Discover How to Organize or Store Your Costume Jewellery At Home

Every woman have a huge collection of jewellery at home but it is always found that they do not organize or store them in correct places so the jewellery pieces cannot be worn for long years. It is important for every woman to store all their favorite pieces of jewellery in proper places so that they can wear them at different occasions and are also able to retain the shine and brightness. Having a jewellery collection that is so well organized that you are not detangling any of your necklaces with another piece is a good thing and it should also be remembered by all the jewellery wearers. They should also keep them in correct places so that they can find it at the right time.

Here are some of the important things which every woman should remember while they are storing their jewellery pieces at home.

Divide and Identify Jewelleries

Make sure to identify all the jewellery pieces which you have and then divide them into separate compartments of a jewellery box which you have selected to keep all the jewellery pieces at home. You can also label each section of the jewellery box which you have selected so that you can keep all the jewellery at the same place and it do not get mixed with any other type inside the box.

Make a Wall Organizer for the Jewelleries

You can also make a wall organizer so that you can you can hang all your favorite pieces of jewellery there and if anybody wants to see your collection you can just open the door of it to make them what styles and designs of jewellery you have collected till date. You can keep all types of jewellery in the wall organizer like necklaces, earrings, rings and lot more designs.

Label the Drawers of Jewelleries

If you tend to forget which drawer you have selected for which kind of jewellery, then you can label all the drawers according to the jewellery which you have kept in them. Make sure that you have selected separate drawers for separate jewelleries like one for all the necklaces and one for only the earring collection.

Protect All the Jewelleries

Not only is the storage of the jewelleries, but the protection is also important for the jewellery collection you have inside your wardrobe at your home. Try to take out all the jewelleries once a week and then wipe off the dirt and dust which have accumulated. Even if you have stored inside boxes and drawers they tend to get dirty and so it is important for the jewellery lovers to keep them clean always.