Different Ways to Keep Your Pearl Jewellery Intact For Years

The fashion of wearing pearl jewellery has come up in the recent years. It is a type of jewellery which is perfect for modern day women. Pearl jewellery can be the right choice for working women. It is easily affordable by anybody, stylish as well as light on weight. The most important thing about pearl jewellery is it can be worn with a traditional outfit like saree and it will go perfectly with a contemporary dress too.

Though it can be easily bought by anybody, there are some steps to maintain pearls to keep them shiny and bright for many years. Here are steps which you can follow to keep your precious pearl jewellery intact for years.

Keep your pearl jewellery away from chemicals

Acids and chemicals are the enemies for pearls. Avoid them from these things. Keep them away from perfumes and other acidic materials such as lemon.

Wear pearl jewellery at the end

To keep your jewellery shiny and bright for years, make sure you wear them at last after you are done with everything. Pearls are more vulnerable to chemicals present in the cosmetics you wear. So wear your pearl jewellery after you have applied your make up.

Apply hair spray before wearing pearls

Apply any kind of hair spray before you wear the jewellery. Pearls can react to the chemicals that are present in the hair spray that you are using.

Avoid doing work while wearing pearls

Pearl rings and bracelets can get easily scratched as they fit onto your hands. Tyr to avoid doing any kinds of work like bathing or playing sports by wearing them. These kinds of jewellery tend to get bend or scratched very easily. So remember to remove these dainty pieces while doing daily work.

Wipe your pearls jewellery with soft cloth

Each time you wear pearls remember to wipe them with a soft piece of cloth to avoid any kind of stains on them.

Store your pearls in containers

To avoid pearls getting reacted to the atmosphere keep them inside boxes and containers. Sometimes they tend to change colour when kept outside. To avoid this always remember to store in boxes after every use.

Never keep pearls in plastic bags

Plastic bags emit some chemicals which can harm the jewellery in many ways. Try to avoid plastic bags when storing pearls. Otherwise the pearls may get discoloured.

Use mineral water to clean the jewellery

Use of mineral water while cleaning your jewellery can keep them as it is. Try not to use tap water because it may contain chlorine which can damage the pearls.

Follow these steps to keep the colour of your pearl jewellery intact without reducing its shine and brightness.