Different Types of Maang Tika and How to Wear Them

Maang tika is an extremely fashionable, traditional hair accessory that is still loved and worn by Asian women. They complement traditional attires and occasions and look great when paired with sarees, lehengas or salwar suits. It is customary for the Indian bride to wear a maang tika on the day of her wedding as a part of her trousseau.

The basic concept or design of a maang tika is a centralized pendant or medallion that as attached to a small chain with a hook on the other end. While the pendant may be encrusted with gemstones, the chain can be either simple or a strand of rhinestones or pearls. There are different types of maang tikas that are designed by jewellers these days. There are maang tikas with side panels with one or more layers of chains attached to them. Here are the different types of maang tikas and how you can wear them.

How to Wear a Maang Tika

Maang tikas draws attention to the forehead of the wearer, creating a brighter and more vivid look. For a woman to adorn a maang tika, she should first make sure her hair length is at least a little below her shoulder. Maang tikas don’t go well on women with shorter haircuts like a pixie or a bob. To wear a maang tika, first thing you need to do is brush your hair and untangle it completely if you wish to let it down. Then carefully make a parting down the center of your forehead. This is where your maang tika sits. After parting your hair, finally you should use some hairspray to hold the baby hairs in place.

Different Styles of Maang Tikas

  • The flat pendant- This type of maang tika is the most common one, especially worn by North Indian women during Karwa Chauth. The centralized pendant is usually encrusted with colorful gemstones or made of kundan.

  • The spherical pendant- This is mainly worn by Rajasthani women and is locally called borla. While the elderly women wear this everyday as a part of their attire, the young ladies usually wear them during the festival of Teej.

  • With side panels- This kind of maang tika is worn by women usually on their wedding. The side panels go behind the ears and outline your face. It looks beautiful on brides.

  • One sided maang tika- This one is a little different from other styles because instead of going through the middle, it falls on one side of the central parting. This one goes well with anarkali suits and lehengas.

Now that you know the different types of maang tikas and how to wear them, rock one at your next traditional event and be sure to turn heads.