Different Types of Bridal Bangles to Accentuate Your Looks

Jewellery is an integral part of the quintessential Indian bride. Even though everybody concentrates on purchasing the right type of necklace sets, without the right kind of bangles, the bridal look remains incomplete. The different ceremonies of the wedding, in fact, are woven around the hands of the Indian bride. So, it is utmost important for the bride to choose the bangles that fits the bridal attire perfectly. Here is a vibrant array of different types of bangles from which the would-be bride can choose according to her dress.


By far, this is the most traditional form of bridal bangles. Brides of every Indian culture wear at least a pair of kangan on their D-day. The intricate designs of the thick gold kangans generally steal all the spotlights. To take the regal look to the next level, some kangans are studded with different types of gemstones.


The designs of these bangles somewhat run along with the designs of the kangans. The width of the bangles is greater than the kangans. The kadas are generally fitted with hinges so that the wearer can lock it in their wrist easily. Traditional kadas are made of gold.

Diamond Bangles

Diamond bangles are most suitable for the brides that love clean and gorgeous looks. The diamond encrusted bangles speak to the eternity and can never get out of style. This type of bangle goes with any dress and adds just the right amount of sparkle to the bridal attire.

Glass Bangles

Don’t shrivel your nose at the idea of glass bangles as a part of bridal attire. The simplicity of the bangles has travelled a long way and is still going strong. The bangles are available in different colors and often become a treat to the eye. In fact, the glass bangles are must in a Marathi wedding. If paired with the kanganor kada, the glass bangles can take your breath away.

Baju Bandh

These are a traditional form of armlet that is being adorned by the traditional brides for a long time. The piece of jewellery makes the upper arm of the bride looks beautiful. Some of the gem-encrusted armlets or baju bandhs can look stunning with a short-sleeved dress.


The hand chains or haathphools were a common ornament of the brides of yesteryears. The new trendsetters are now bringing this archaic style back with a bang.

The bangles are one of the most important aspects of bridal attire. The different types of bangles are available in many different options from which the brides of the 21st century can take a pick. Nowadays, it is also possible to customize the bangle so that they can match all the tones and hues of her attire perfectly.