Different Type of Necklaces That You Can Give a Try

Necklaces are jewelry pieces that are usually worn around the neck. Necklaces if chosen and worn carefully add a certain kind of vibe and charm to any ensemble. If you want to add the ‘oomph’ factor to your outfit, try to go for the right kind of jewelry which can break or make your look.

Necklace jewelry can be made up of a variety of materials and are usually available in a variety of lengths and shapes. You will get to see different categories of necklaces based on the materials on which it is made up of.

Different Type of Necklaces

Collar Necklace

This kind of necklaces is usually worn high on the neck and it usually comes with multiple strands. People with thin neck can opt for this piece of jewelry. Basically, this kind of jewelry is 12-14 inches long. This kind of necklaces looks great with off-shoulder tops.

Choker Necklaces

This kind of necklace was a big fashion trend during the 90’s. But, now it has made a comeback. From being a velvet structured necklace, it has now evolved into a bold and dramatic one which can easily make a style statement. This kind of necklaces is usually 14-16 inches long and re usually comes with a strand. This kind of necklaces can help a woman to easily focus on their neckline. This can be worn with off-shoulder gowns or a crisp shirt.

Pendant Necklace

This kind of necklace is considered to be the simplest type of necklaces and can help to highlight the collar bones. Basically, this kind of necklaces comes with different kind of pendants which can be changed and worn. It usually hangs from dainty chains. For minimalistic look, this kind of pendant necklaces is ideal. This kind of necklaces usually comes in fashionable and dramatic designs and can be worn with any kind of outfits be it ethnic and casual.

Bib Necklaces

It is the perfect piece of jewelry that can make a perfect fashion statement. They can help you to provide a glamorous outlook. It can be worn with any kind of neckline. It can be worn with a simple tee if you are confident enough to pull off the look.

Multi-layered Necklaces

It is the perfect jewelry piece for those people who love to pair it with their layered clothes. Layered necklaces are very much in fashion nowadays.

So, now you have a wide number of options for your necklaces to choose from which you can give a try. Try to have a collection of all these necklaces in your wardrobe.