Different Styles to Wear a Maang Tikka

It is a known fact that jewellery forms every woman’s fancy. In fact, wedding jewellery always forms an integral part that can help the Indian brides to get a complete look. Thus, the Indian bridal outfit is left incomplete without a Maang Tikka on the woman’s forehead.

Basically, a Maang Tikka is a chained pendant set that comes with a hook. The chained pendant set may come in gold, silver, or it may come with studded gemstones. This wedding accessory is mostly worn by the South Indian Brides. In some culture, wearing a Maang Tikka is a must during religious ceremonies. This piece of ornament can go well with any kind of outfit be it sari or lehangas or salwar suits.


Apart from being a beautiful piece of bridal trinket, the tikka also helps to denote the union of two souls through the institution of marriage. Thus, before you embark on the journey of purchasing a maang tikka it is very important that you know the various styles to wear them. In this blog, we will help you learn the distinctive styles.

Style 1: Maang Tikka with Flat Pendant

You can wear a simple maang tikka that hangs from a gold chain above the bride’s forehead. This kind of tikka can come with a flat pendant. The pendant can carry intrinsic kundan work on them.

Style 2: Dauni Double Strand Maang Tikka

The dauni is made of two expand chains that join at the temple with a tikka, and afterward, fall by the hairline. Mostly this type of maang tikkas come with jadau sets.

Style 3: Double Maang Tikka

If you want to get a majestic look, the maang or chain of the tikka can be bent over to spread out over the highest point of the bride's forehead, like a dauni. This includes an additional level of support which considers heavier pendants.

Style 4: Tikka with a Spherical Pendant

This kind of tikka is popular form of jewellery in Rajasthan. It is known as Borla and it comes with a spherical shaped pendant. The pendant can be easily secured with the help of the pins apart from the in built hook that comes with it.

Style 5: Extended Maang Tikka with Side Panels

This form of maang tikka is also known as Matha Patti. It provides the wearer with a more beautiful look. For securing this maang tikka the sides also need to be secured along with the centre of the pendant with bobby pins.