Different Styles of Nosepins for Different Face Types

Nose pins have been one of the vital jewelry pieces of Indian culture since ages. It’s traditional for Indian brides to wear elaborate nose pins on the day of her wedding. However, many young girls and women completely love the idea of wearing nose pins on a regular basis.

Cool and chic nose pins have been the trend for quite a while now and that has encouraged more and more young girls to take up the tradition with a modern twist. Traditional nose pins were usually only made of gold or silver. But with so many new designs and ideas today, you get many different types of nose pins today, that will match your taste and go well with the shape of your face.

It’s great when a girl decides to start wearing nose pins, but before getting your hands on them, you need to know what style will match the shape of your face the best and complement your looks. Nose pins or nose rings are available in various designs these days like bali, simple hoops, studs, beaded balis, diamond studs and floral studs. Although there are no rules when it comes to choosing a particular type of nose ring, here are some tips which will help you find the right one according to face type.

  • A diamond nose stud looks good on all face types and all kinds of nose shapes.
  • A colored stone stud on the other hands complements broader nose.
  • Women with long and sharp nose can adorn the simple hoop nose rings. It suits them beautifully.
  • For women with small, pointed nose, you can go with the simple pearl in a hoop nose ring. It makes your nose appear longer and complements the overall look of your face.
  • Little flower patterned studs complement big noses perfectly. Women with bigger noses should go for this option.

Here are some designs that look really great on different occasions

Wide nose ring

Wide nose rings are more for traditional occasions than casual wear. They complement ethnic attires and are not to worn as an everyday accessory.

Flower Bent Nose Pin

This is another hot, new trend that has become very popular. It gives a chic look and can be worn with ethnic as well as western attires. You can also wear it on multiple occasions or for a day to day look.

There are many other types of nose rings like studded hoops and u-bend nose rings that you can experiment with. Keep the above points in mind and you can never go wrong with your style again.