Different Styles of Earrings to Try Out

Fashion accessories be it a necklace or an earring or a ring can help a woman to look beautiful and amazing if worn with the right kind of outfit. The earring is regarded as one of the important pieces of trinket that are loved by the young girls and woman of all ages.

When the question of wearing earring comes, every girl and woman has their unique preferences. Care must be taken to ensure it can match with all kind of outfits and are suitable to be worn for all kind of occasions be it a wedding or an office party. Apart from the outfits, earrings must be chosen based on the shape of the face.

Thus, keeping all this vital information in mind can help you to shop for various kinds of earrings for your jewellery wardrobe.

Earrings are basically available in numerous styles, shapes, designs, and sizes. From clip-on styles to pierce styles; hooks to studs or hoops are the most available type of earrings that are mostly preferred by the young woman.

Chandelier Earrings

From the name itself, you can easily understand that this kind of earrings is highly-decorated with stones. Mostly, princess cut diamonds are used for making this earring, but also colorful stones are also available. For example, kundan chandelier earrings can come with colorful stones embedded on yellow-metal. This kind of earrings is suitable for weddings. It can go well with heavily decorated lehangas and embroidered sari.

Stud Earrings

The stud earrings are a simple form of earring that may come with a simple stone embedded on yellow metal or white gold.

Drop Earrings

This form of jewellery is very common among the young girls. The hoops come with a stamped design that empowers them to hang in a straight line. One can get to see some geometrical shape in them like triangles or oval designs. It may include one bigger gemstone that is studded so as to make it dangle.

Dangle Earrings

Dangle studs are intended to dangle and swing from the bottoms of the ear cartilage. They are available in various shapes and sizes. They are appended to the ear by the utilization of thin wires that passes through the ear lobes and interfacing themselves in a little snare at the back. Nowadays, chandeliers also come under the category of dangle earrings.

Well, part from the above mentioned styles you can easily try out some other styles like ear thread earrings or hoops earrings which are becoming fashionable of late. All this kinds of jewelleries are ideal for the girls and woman to be worn during any kind of occasions.