Different Methods by Which You Can Keep Brightness and Shine of American Diamond Jewellery Intact

Some of the American diamond jewellery lovers can be afraid of the fact that they need to have many things at their home to keep the shine and brightness of the jewellery specially which are made of American diamond. But this point is not at all true because it just takes approximately twenty minutes to clean jewellery which is made of American diamond. In fact there are specific ways by which you can make them shine as real diamonds.

Special skills are not required to clean your American diamond jewellery. You can just use some simple household items which can help you to maintain your all time favorite American diamond jewellery. You will just take few minutes to make your imitation diamonds shine like the real one so one has the capacity to understand the difference between both of them.

Here are some of the tips and tricks which you should know to maintain and clean your American diamond jewellery simply at home.

Luke Warm Water and Soap

Take equal amounts of Luke warm water and soap and mix them well. Then take the jewellery items which are made of American diamond and dip them in the soapy water. Keep them for some minutes and then take out. Take a soft piece of cloth and start wiping the jewellery items. You will see the difference within some minutes. You will see that the shine and brightness have already come back and it will be difficult for you to understand the difference between the real and the fake diamond jewellery.

Detergent and Hot Water

If you are using detergent for the purpose of cleaning then it is better to use hot water instead of Luke warm water. Mix the detergent in the same quantity as of the water and mix it well until it gets dissolved fully. Dip the jewellery pieces into the solution and make them remain in the soapy water for quite some time. Take out the jewellery from the soapy water and wipe them with a soft piece of cloth to remove the oil, dirt and dust from the jewellery pieces which is the reason for the dullness and less shining of the American diamond jewellery.

Also Use a Soft Brush

Instead of the soft piece of cloth you can also use a brush which has soft bristles in it. it is important to use soft bristled brush because the hard bristles of the brush can be harsh on the jewellery pieces and they may get scratched or marks may also appear on the American diamond jewellery pieces. It is also essential to use a brush for the purpose of removing dust and dirt and also oil from the jewellery items because if they stick to the pieces then it will be difficult for you to remove them afterwards.

Polish the Jewellery Pieces Regularly

Apart from the cleaning procedure of yours at home you may also take the help of a professional because they are more knowledgeable than you regarding the cleaning process of the jewellery item.