Different Kinds of Nose Pin Which You Can Choose For Your Wedding Ceremony

Every bride has an idea about their bridal look. They even know that the bridal of theirs is incomplete without a pair of nose pin. Along with all the other bridal jewelleries which you buy for the occasion you also want to buy nose pin or nath which will complement your entire look. It is important to buy that type of nose pin which you will be able to carry off well with your outfits on the day of your wedding. Make sure you take the help of a professional to choose what kind of nose pin will go with your outfit.

Different regions have different traditions of wearing nose pins. Some regions have a custom of wearing nose pins and naths on special occasions especially when it is wedding ceremony. While, other brides wear it just for fashion or they have a fetish for wearing them as part of the bridal jewellery. It is essential for the brides to choose that type of nose pins for the wedding ceremony which they will be able to wear after the special occasion gets over too. Jewelleries are to be worn for lifetime and so it is important for the brides to choose their bridal jewellery items intelligently.

Here are some of the types of nose pins or naths which can be worn for wedding ceremonies and for other occasions as well.


The word refers to the nose piercing which generally the brides get before they get married. It also refers to a ring or even a stud which the brides or even women may wear for different occasions. This type of nose pin is seen mostly in parts of south India. But it is not a hard and fast rule for them to wear one.

Nose Studs

Nose studs are small pieces of studs worn by women of a particular region. They are generally made of diamonds but it can be of any other stones also. It can also contain semi precious stones too. These studs are also passed from one generation to other. so if you get hold of one studs from one your family members of the earlier generation ten decide on to wear that on the day of the wedding.

Fan Shaped Nose Ring

This is another type of nose ring which has a shape of a fan. This is perfect for those who have an oval shaped face and it looks sleek with this kind of nose ring. This can also be a perfect choice for your wedding ceremony. Though it is a little heavy still you can wear it afterwards for any special occasion.

Nath with Chain

This is another common type of nath which is seen in every bride’s wedding jewellery collection. In fact it can also be given as part of the wedding trousseau for the bride. The specialty of this type of nose ring is that it is embellished charm is actually to the nose ring which is worn by the woman. The chain of the nath is pinned to the hair of the bride which gives her a gorgeous look.