Different Kind of Rings Which Can Be Given a Try

When it comes to fashion jewelry or antique jewelry, rings hold a unique place. Rings can be trendy, cool, and fun to wear if it’s chosen correctly and also in the right manner. Most of the people often make a prior plan on the type of the ring that they would love to buy.

In fact, rings hold different significance for different cultures. In some countries, rings have a symbolic, social, and an aesthetic function. But whatever function it serves, rings can help to say a lot about the wearer.

Apart from fashion jewelry rings, you will get to find a wide variety of rings like wedding bands or birthstone rings or signet. Hence, different types of rings are available in the market based on their shape and material.

Types of Rings

Wedding Bands: Also known as wedding rings, can easily be found in the market. It can be made up of different materials like platinum, gold, etc. It can be worn on any finger and the width of the wedding bands can vary hugely. It is usually worn during the wedding ceremony and it helps to embody the union and marital commitment to each other.

Engagement Rings:It is worn by a woman to indicate that she is committed to a person whom she would marry. It is usually own in the ring finger.

Solitaire Rings: It usually comes with a single large stone in the centre. Basically, diamonds are used. But if a customer wants then they can go for other gemstones also.

Eternity Rings: In these rings, precious stones like diamonds are used. The best part of this kind of ring is that the diamonds are of the same cut and same size, and all the diamonds are set in the same row. It covers the entire diameter of the ring. It basically symbolizes the eternal bond with the partner.

Mourning Ring: Also known as a memorial ring; it’s usually worn in the memory of a deceased person.

Stone Rings:. They are usually made with precious and semi-precious stones. In fact, even some rings may contain the birthstone of the wearer. The stone rings can be worn with specific outfits

Cocktail Rings: They are oversized rings. It is also known by the name of a grand ring. It usually contains oversized stones and may be set in yellow or white gold. It can help to add an extra bling to the dress.

Cluster Rings: Many stones are clustered in one setting. The ring can come in colored stones to precious stones.

Before you purchase any type of ring, make sure of the ring size. Also, contrast the rings with your outfit so that it can enhance your look.