Designer Jewellery: Various Kinds of It to Wear For Occasions

One of the most loved jewellery for women is the designer jewellery. They opt for this kind of jewellery because it can be worn to different occasions and also with various kinds of outfits as well. There are a few kinds of designer jewellery like some are heavy and some of them are simple to wear on a regular basis. Designer jewellery can be worn by a woman to get a sophisticated and classy look and also to get transformed from a regular to an extraordinary one. It is important to pick up a piece of designer jewellery from the collection which goes well with the personality and the place which you are going to.

Jewellery is the first love for most of the women and they also like to wear jewellery according to the occasion which can be special for you. It is also important to choose some of the kinds of jewellery which can be carried off well with them and which is also according to the occasion to be attended. Try to be simple and elegant in case of formal occasions and try to sport a heavy look for occasions like weddings and engagement ceremonies.

Here are some of the kinds of designer jewellery which is important to keep in your wardrobe which can be worn to different occasions.


Necklaces are found of different metals and materials, but it is always a good idea to have designer necklaces of different kinds which can go well with most of your outfits that are stacked inside your wardrobe. These kinds of necklaces can be worn to different occasions also. It is not possible to wear jewelleries from the collection of gold plated, kundan or costume jewellery. For that it is important to have several kinds of necklaces to wear in simple occasions.

Earrings and Tops

Another kind of jewellery which you will find out in the designer jewellery collection is variations of earrings and tops also. There are some times when it is needed to wear simple earrings with some kind of ethnic costumes and the designer earrings can be carried off well with those outfits of your closet. Not only danglers or teardrop, you will find a wide range of tops and studs from the designer jewellery collection as well.


Brooch is another kind of jewellery which can be categorized in the collection of designer jewellery. Though people think that brooch is no more in the style, but it is absolutely not true. women wear brooch still now and they can make all heads turn towards them at any of the occasions which they need to attend.