Designer Brooch: Several Occasions to Wear It

Among all the other jewellery which is liked by women for wearing to different occasions, brooch is one of them which have made a comeback recently. Women have started to wear delicate brooches to different occasions to make them look gorgeous and beautiful. Brooch is one kind of jewellery which goes well with the personality and class of every people. Every woman can have a designer brooch in their closet to make their look even more special. You can also sport a brooch with your look if you are skeptical about the look when you have to attend any special occasion.

Most of the people have an idea that brooch have gone out of style which is not true. Brooches never go out of style any woman can pair up a stylish brooch to make themselves look classy and elegant. You may buy one new brooch for yourself or you may also sport one which you have inherited from your mother or grandmother. The brooch might not be completely out of fashion industry but it also is preferred by most of the women to have a unique and exceptional, much different from all.

Here are some of the occasions mentioned to which you can easily carry off a designer brooch with the outfit.


One of the most special occasion to which every women can carry out a brooch is the wedding ceremony. It can be the wedding ceremony of your relative or anybody else to which you can easily wear a designer brooch. It will also help you to become the talk of the night and also make all your heads towards you on the occasion. Most of the women try to dress their best for the wedding ceremonies and this is considered as the best occasion to wear a designer brooch.

Formal Occasions

A brooch can also be worn to any of the formal occasion which a woman has to attend like seminars and conferences. Brooches are also suitable for working women. As they have different occasions to attend which are related to the workplace, they can always wear a designer brooch to the occasions.

Other Occasions

Some of the other occasions to which women can wear brooches are anniversaries and birthdays. These are also considered as special occasions where brooches can be worn with other types of jewellery too. Brooches are one type of jewellery which can complement any look and it can also be worn with different kinds of jewelleries as well. Try to choose some kind of brooches which can serve different purposes.