Costume Jewellery for a Unique You: Today & Tomorrow

With a huge headway in the world of fashion, costume jewellery is completely in demand. If you love donning a beautiful traditional look or even a fusion one, bespoke pieces of costume jewelleries are on fleek.

With the right amalgamation of subtlety and trend, the jewellery can cater to every occasion. You might be thinking what’s so special in this type of ornaments. Time to unlock:

● Firstly, costume jewellery comes in a wide range of varieties. The tailor-made pieces of jewelleries are competent enough to go along with jewellery made with superior metals.

● Costume jewellery is completely trend-conscious. The in-house designers with brainstorming sessions and proper research come up with incredible designs for the customers.

● Moreover, costume jewelleries made of gold plated alloy and semi-precious stones are super budget-friendly. This is one the reasons why these ornaments had made a mass appeal.

You can also embody costume jewellery as your wardrobe staple for various occasions. These trend-driven pieces can be the best alternative for expensive jewellery. Below given are the major types of costume jewellery that is giving ready-to-wear designs for women of all ages:

1. Bridal set

From the royal like multi-layered necklaces to dangling jhumkas, the Indian bridal jewellery set is much more than you can think of. With intricate designs and attracting motifs, costume bridal jewellery set is possibly the best type of ornaments the new-age brides are admiring to the core. Even the famous Bollywood celebrities are sported with exquisite pieces of costume jewelleries in their weddings.

2. Nath

A nath is the new-found love of almost every girl’s treasure trove. You can get an abundance of naths to get an unconventional look. Single hoop, enameled with stones etc. types of costume nose pins are doing all the talks. Put on and look snappy for any occasion.

3. Necklace

Costume necklaces are available for women to look their best in every event. Starting from the weddings to the elite parties, these tailor-made necklaces are made with exotic materials. With fanciful designs, these necklaces are a must-have.

4. Mangalsutra

The propitious thread signifying love and goodwill, mangalsutra can be also customized. Embodying tradition and fashion at the same, the married women can consider a costume mangalsutra as their staple piece of jewellery.

Available in variety of geometric patterns and inimitable designs, this is definitely the season of costume jewellery. Perhaps, this type of ornament in the Indian culture is not really a fad, but it is here to stay. So, what are you waiting for? Have the pick of the bunch and look no less than a diva!