Cool KundanJewellery Options to be the Showstopper this Season!

Kundanjewellery with impeccable intricates and designs has won the heart of the millennials. Girls have been completely swoon over with the fascinating collection of kundanjewellery. Even a decade ago, kundan was not much in vogue. However, thanks to the Bollywood cinema and daily soaps, for bringing back the lost traditional artifacts of India.

People of India are much influenced by Bollywood. Hence, needless to say, this traditional form of jewellery is now ubiquitous. Women of all the states can now get decked up and feel the essence of the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

So, considering the popularity of these type of semi-precious stones, the jewelleries are widely embraced in several occasions. For your information, the most common type of kundan that is totally in vogue is meenakari.

Thinking about the speciality of this type of work? Well, in meenakundan set, the colorful stones remain crusted on one side whereas the meenakari designs are done on the opposite side. That’s the spellbinding magic of the Indian craftsmanship.

Hitting on the point straight away

Traditional kundanjewelleryis no more under the wraps but completely on rage. If you are planning to amplify your Pandora’s Box with some riveting kundan collection, here are the options:

● Necklace on the roll

Who doesn’t remember the enchanting look of Jodha Bhai from the 2008 period movie Jodha Akbar? Crafted with semi-precious stones like sapphires and emerald, the necklaces worn by Jodha Bai were no less than a magic. More than a decade, the trend of kundan necklace is back with a bang!

● Shine on with the anklets

With beaten gold sheets and colorful stones, kundan anklets are jewellery marvel. Starting from the weddings to any traditional festival, women love to club their look with a pair of anklets. These are also absolutely budget-friendly.

● Compelling earrings

An exemplary article of kundanjewellery is the earrings. Made with the labor of love, the pair of earrings speaks about the rich Indian heritage and tradition. Available in a gazillion of style, the earrings are totally riveting.

● Engagement rings

This is a bit unconventional, but the fashionistas are opting for class-leading kundan rings to celebrate their engagement. From basic to intricate, these rings fit the bill for both the men and women. Perhaps, you can say kundan to be the new diamond!

The use of kundan for accessorizing is on a boom now. No wonder, it is one of the most appreciated jewellery types in the current time.