By Following Some Useful Tips, You Can Take Proper Care of Gold-plated Jewellery at Home

The trend of wearing gold-plated jewellery is raging in the market because of the exorbitant prices of gold jewelery. Many women are opting for gold-plated jewellery because they look similar to gold jewellery and the prices are affordable.

You need to take proper care of your gold-plated jewellery to make sure that they last for a longer span of time. You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to take care of the gold-plated jewellery. You can easily take care of your gold-plated jewellery at home by following some useful tips.

Washing Your Hands Before Touching It

You should always wash your hands before you touch the gold-plated jewellery so that the dirt and dust from your hands do not get accumulated in the jewellery. If the dust gets accumulated in the jewellery, it will be a tough task to remove it.

Wearing the Jewellery in the End

You should always wear your gold-plated jewellery after you have completed your make-up and have applied your perfume. The harmful chemicals which are present in the make-up products and perfumed can tarnish the gold-plating completely and ruin the jewellery.

Keeping It Away From Water

Water is considered to be a major enemy of the gold-plated jewellery because it can tarnish the gold plating completely. You should make it a point that your gold-plated jewellery does not come in contact with water. Before descending to a swimming pool, you should remove the gold-plating jewellery.

Avoiding Contact with Sweat

The gold-plating may get tarnished if it comes in contact with sweat. You should make sure that you remove the gold-plated jewellery before indulging in any strenuous exercise.

Cleaning the Jewellery Regularly

You should clean the jewellery after wearing it. You should avoid using jewellery cleaners as it may ruin the gold-plating. You can clean your jewellery with the help of a soft cotton cloth. You should wipe the jewellery gently so that no scratches are formed. In case the jewellery has accumulated a lot of dirt, you should use a damp cotton cloth to remove the traces of dirt. After wiping it with a damp cloth, you should complete the process with a dry cotton cloth to remove all the moisture.


You should store the gold-plated jewellery in a cool and dry place. You can wrap each jewellery piece in a clean cotton cloth or in a cotton ball and store it an airtight container.

You can make sure that the jewellery lasts for a longer span of time by taking proper care of it.