There are many ways by which the would-be-brides can select their bridal naths or nosepins which will complement their whole look of the day. If you imagine a bride on the day of their wedding you will well think them with full of bridal jewelleries and of course with a nath. Or even they can wear a nose pin too. The diverse cultures which are practiced across the country play an important role in the selection of this kind of jewellery. More over this accessory also adds a feminine touch to the wearer.

There are many types of nosepins and naths and the best way to choose the perfect kind of nosepin for your wedding is to think about all the options which you will be wearing on the day. The brides will be able to make an informed decision about the kind of naths and nosepins so that you can look gorgeous and glamorous on your special day of wedding. Certain things are there which the brides must consider before they invest in the best piece of naths for their wedding ceremony.

Mentioned below are some of the points which can determine your nosepin or nath type for your wedding day.

Bridal Outfit

The important factor which plays a major role for determining the perfect piece of nose pin is the bridal outfit which you have decided to wear. The color of the saree or the lehenga which you have bought must be complementing with the nath that you have chosen to wear. Embellishments which are there on the outfit and also the color of the pallu or the dupatta will also determine the buying of the nose pin. You must be able to select a nose ring that matches the outfit and adds to the overall look.


Another major factor which should be thought off before you buy naths for your wedding ceremony is the type of nath or nose pin that will suit you completely. There are various kinds of nose pins which are chosen by the brides and they are generally from different regions. The nose pins can be classified into south, mukhuttis, north Indian, naths with chains and other various types. It is up to you whichever goes perfect with the bridal outfit that you have chosen.

Face Shape

The shape of your face is another determining factor for nath or nose pins especially for your wedding ceremony. Make sure that you know about face shape before choosing the perfect match for your wedding ceremony. Suppose you have small and round face then try to choose something which is smaller and sleek that will complement your face as well as your outfit too.


You can also be inspired from a person to buy the same kind of nath or nose pin which that person had worn may be in another occasion or you may also be inspired from any of the bollywood actors too. You may buy one of the styles that you have seen before but try not to copy; in this way you will get a completely unique for yourself which will inspire others.