Bridal Nose Rings: To Wear or Not To Wear, That Is the Question

The nose ring, or nath, is a type of jewellery which represents the beauty and culture among the south Asian beauties. The tradition of wearing nath has long been started to fade among Indians. Only in recent years, the fashion gurus of Bollywood have brought back the lustrous looks of nath. Originating in the Mughal era, the piece of jewellery enhances the overall beauty of the women.

However, the brides of today are still tiptoeing around this gorgeous piece of jewellery. The traditional look always rocks, especially on your wedding day. So, why should you not become the path breaker and own the look? Here are some of the most coveted types of nose rings that you can consider for your wedding day.

The Large Nath: Timeless Classic

This traditional piece of nath can give you the ancient royal look. Remember, how beautiful the Bollywood actresses look while donning this type of nose rings. Choose one such large hooped rings studded with semi-precious jewellery. You can also choose the kundan or the pearl ones according to other bridal ornaments.

The subtle Look: Small Nath

Small nose rings are currently the favourite of the brides. The small ring gives a lighter but elegant look which complements any type of traditional attire. If you want your headpiece or the necklace to make a statement, then this type of nose ring should be your choice.

Decorated Multi Chain Nath

This type of nose rings will help to create a bridal look that is different from any other brides. The decorated layers of the ring will steal the attention of everyone. If you choose this type of look, remember to plan the dress according to the nath. The nose ring is so dominating that other necklaces or headgears can look a bit extra. Choose the number of strings according to your taste.

Maharashtrian Nath

Thanks to the Hindi cinema, this type of nose ring is the most seen ones. The intricately designed nose rings can truly enhance the bridal get up in million folds. With the right kind of attire, this type of nose ring can give you a stunning look.

The Kundan Nath

If elegance and royalty are mixed together, then it will create this type of nose rings. Consider wearing this type of nose pin in your big day to stand apart.

Most beauties don’t like to wear nose rings as they are unhappy with their facial features. Well, don’t miss out this elegant piece of jewellery just because of a few body flaws. Instead, embrace the flaw, and you will look ravishing in whatever you wear.