Anklet Etiquettes to Keep In Mind

Women love to accessorize their looks with jewelry of all kinds. The anklet that graces the ankles of the wearer, all fall under this category. Anklets or ankle bracelets can be worn with both traditional attires as well as with day to day, casual outfits. They are mainly worn with outfits like short dresses and skirts that bare the ankle of the wearer.

While there are some women who love to wear anklets irrespective of the attire or occasion, there are also women who find the idea of wearing anklets tacky or inappropriate. To avoid such judgments, here are a few tips and rules that you can follow to make sure your anklet etiquette is right on point.

Anklet Rules to Keep In Mind

Almost anything goes when it comes to wearing anklets. It depends on your personal taste and style and on what you’ll be most comfortable in with wearing. While there are some women who prefer to flaunt an anklet all year round, there are some, mostly young girls, who choose this as a summer time fashion statement. Irrespective of when you want to wear them, there are some basic anklet etiquettes that you need to follow.

An anklet can be worn on either ankle, left or right, there’s no hidden meaning to it. Or it can also be worn in a pair. It is however tacky to wear an anklet over a pantyhose or socks. Make sure you always wear anklets on bare legs only. Anklets are usually not meant for the workplace or any other professional settings.

When you’re wearing anklets, make sure they complement the footwear and not compete for attention. Shabby footwear complements a chic ad funky anklet whereas posh footwear would go well with a simple one.

Noisy anklets with bells and chimes are not appropriate for wearing in public.

Occasions to Wear an Anklet

Anklets grace the legs of the wearer beautifully and there are endless options and situations where you can sport these lovely accessories. Some of them are:

    • On a vacation
    • At the beach
    • Casual summer party
    • While relaxing at the poolside
    • An afternoon lunch with your girls.

As Gifts

Anklets make a great gifting option for your loved ones. They are unique and thoughtful as gifts for someone with a summer birthday. The will not only love your idea but also actually use it unlike many other gifts that end up in shelves without serving any purpose.

With these tips in mind, you can wear anklets and never go wrong with the style. They will not only complement your look but also show off your impeccable style sense to the world.