Amazingly Stylish Ways to Wear Bangles

Bangles are considered to be one of the most essential jewellery in an Indian woman’s wardrobe. Women of every age prefer to wear bangles to add a feminine touch to their looks. It is also customary for a woman to wear bangles after her marriage as a symbol of her marital status. So, it is quite obvious that this accessory holds a very special place in the heart of all the ladies.

The trend with bangles has changed a lot over the times and today, there are more than one way to adorn these lovely beauties. Here is a list of all the amazing ways in which you can wear bangles to complement your outfit and overall look.

Try Different Kinds Of Shapes

There are many different kinds of bangles available today, in different shapes and sizes. It is a very smart choice to buy artificial bangles online so that you can pair them up with different outfits and use them on different occasions. They also give you a break from the regular circular shaped bangles and provides the scope for experimentation. A square statement bangle looks gorgeous and can complement your casual as well as traditional outfits, putting you ahead of style.

Fewer or More

The love for bangles has remained constant among women throughout the years. Although it looks beautiful to stack up multiple bangles on your wrists, it is equally chic to wear just one or a couple of them for a more casual look. Multiple bangles amazingly complement ethnic dresses whereas single statement bangles are more for western and casual outfits.

Accessorize as per the Event

Not all bangles are fit for every occasion. Statement bangles are not meant for serious and/or formal like a business meeting or funerals. Such events call for a simple getup with least accessorizing. Wear delicate bangles or bracelet bangles in very few numbers to avoid attracting much attention.

Mix Up

One of the most innovative and stylish ways to wear bangles is by mixing up different styles. Use a combination of various designs, colours and textures and see how they transform your look into a stylish diva. However, you need to keep in mind that the basic colour tone of all the bangles remain somewhat same or at least complement each other.

These are the different ways in which you can wear bangles to improve your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your style when it comes to accessorizing. Let out the fashionista in you and turn heads wherever you go with your style.