Amazing Tips to Make Your Gold Plated Jewellery Last Longer

Gold plated jewellery is a great way to experiment with your style and stock up on loads of accessories. However, a lot of women do not think its safe to invest in any kind of plated jewellery since they do not lost long enough to give the value for money. This problem can be overcome by following some simple yet effective tips. Read on to know more.

Be Careful With Harsh Chemicals

It is very important to keep your gold plated jewellery away from harsh chemicals and corrosive liquids, which also includes oils and perfumes. The best thing that you can do for your jewellery is to put them on after you’ve finished with your make up and applying lotions, perfumes and/or hair sprays. The chemicals in these products can not only chip off the plating but also discolours them badly.

Rings Wear Off Sooner Than Earrings

It is very obvious that rings will wear off faster than earrings. Since rings are exposed to chemicals and rough surfaces a lot more than earrings, they are likely to discolour to wear or chip off sooner. The best way to keep your rings safe and good as new for a longer period of time is by using them as sparingly as possible and taking them off before washing hands or whenever not in use.

Prevent Contamination with Grease and Sweat

You should never let your gold plated jewellery come in contact with grease. Never wear them when you’re going to spend your time outside in the summer. Sweat and grease can lead to the wearing off of the plating, making your jewellery dull and useless after a period of time. It is also not a good idea to wear your rings and earrings to the gym or while performing any activity that is going to make you sweat.

Keep Off From Rough Surfaces

If you are planning to spend your day doing housework and chores, it is definitely going to be a good idea to leave your plated accessories in the jewellery box. Bumping or rubbing your gold plated rings and bangles against rough surfaces is not going to help in expanding their lifespan. Gold plated jewellery that has a darker coloured base metal look very evidently damaged even with the slightest scratch. Always bare your fingers whenever you're going to perform tasks that require excessive use of your hands.

Follow these tips and make your gold plated jewellery last much longer. So go on and buy your favourite accessories. Experiment to your heart’s content, without worrying about wasting money anymore!