Amazing Tips On How To Stack Your Bracelets

Bracelets are one such fashion accessory that has been around for years, an for good reason. They impart a simple yet stylish look to your appearance and are great for every occasion. You can wear them with casual dresses and outfits as well as with ethnic ensembles. However, the trends of wearing bracelets have changed a lot over the years, the latest being ‘stacking’. Stacking bracelets basically means piling them together to create a fashion statement.

However, to get it right when stacking, there are certain things you must know, or you could mess up the entire look. Here are some tips to make you look fabulous with bracelets.

Know When to Stop

There is limit and you have to know when to stop when it comes to stacking. When you are stacking your bracelets with casual outfits and dresses, it is better to keep it simple. Don’t pile on too much or that will overshadow your other accessories. However, when you are wearing bangle bracelets with ethnic ensembles, you can stack a little more without the guilt of being extra.

Match the Tone

This is another thing that you need to keep in mind while stacking bracelets. Always match their tones, such as, wear all the warm colours together, or the cool tones, but never mix and match both. Getting it wrong, when matching the tones of your bracelets, can actually spoil the entire look and beat your purpose of stacking. Know what colours go well together and wear those with your outfits.

Mix Textures

One thing that you can do while stacking on bracelets is that you can mix and match different textures and wear them together. It gives a great look and really sparks up the entire concept of stacking. You can stack different materials like glass, gold plated, wood, beads, etc. and create your own unique style with the theme.

Don’t Go Over the Board

As the old saying goes, it is always a good idea to take one piece of accessory off before leaving the house. Be it your bracelets or your necklace when you re stacking that as well. This way you can sure of not going over the board and messing up your look. It keeps your appearance simple and gorgeous.

Now that you know the rules of stacking your bracelets, try it out for yourself and awe everyone with your sense of fashion. Stock up on your collection of bracelets today!