A Guide to Finding Statement Jewellery Pieces

Even though all women absolutely love jewellery, not all women might be comfortable in wearing a lot of jewellery. On the basis of the occasion, you can choose your jewellery. You can also choose the jewellery items depending on the outfit which you will be wearing for a particular occasion. If you do not like to wear a lot of jewellery, then you can opt for statement jewellery pieces, which will help you to carry a glamorous look by wearing minimal jewellery. A list of statement jewellery pieces is mentioned below so that you can find out which one will suit you the best.


A panja is a jewellery item that is worn in the hand. The panja looks similar to a bracelet with a slight difference. The panja has an extension from the center which can be worn as a ring. The idea of the panja is to cover the entire hand. There are a variety of designs available and you can make your selection on the basis of your choice. Though panjas were originally a part of the bridal wear set, you can wear it as a single piece and look stylish.

Khopa Pin

If you do not like to wear jewllery, then the khopa pin the best option for you. A khopa pin is a hair accessory which helps you to add an element of glam to your entire look. You can make heads turn by sporting a khopa pin with traditional attire.


Though naths are part of the bridal wear, you can wear a nath to any occasion and become the center of all attraction. A nath is a jewellery item that is worn in the nose. Many women are wearing naths with western outfits to sport the indo-western look.


An armlet is a jewellery item which is worn in the arm region. Armlets were originally a part of the bridal jewellery, but you can steal the show by wearing a statement armlet. Armlets help you to spice up any outfit and look classy and beautiful.


A tika is supposed to be worn on the forehead. Even though tikas are a part of the bridal wear, you can dazzle any event by wearing statement tika. By wearing a tika, you can ensure that you are not looking over the top yet you can portray a glamorous and chic look.

With the help of the statement jewellery pieces, grab all the attention at the next event. Depending on your personality and the kind of outfit that you will be wearing, you can make your selection.