Popular Forms of Wedding Jewellery

The wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. Especially in India, this ritual is celebrated with huge pomp and grandeur. The brides are usually adorned with beautiful pieces of jewellery that make them look stunning. In fact, the brides get themselves decorated with stunning pieces of jewellery accessories starting right from their head to toe. In fact, by wearing the right piece of ornaments with the wedding attire can totally complement the whole look of the bride and also enhance the personality.

During the wedding season, one gets to see a wide range of wedding jewellery right from gold to diamond, platinum to kundan, and so on. While it’s a usual trend to fill the bridal trousseau with these kinds of jewelleries, nowadays, many young woman is going off-beat and going for either artificial jewelleries like sets made up of gold-plated, artificial diamonds, costume jewellery, and so on.

Some popular forms of wedding jewellerey that one gets to see are mentioned below:

Necklaces: For weddings, necklaces are a must. In case, you don't want to go for gold necklace sets or a kundan necklace set, you can easily go for imitation ones. For example, you can easily try out asymmetrical gold plated necklaces or go for chokers imitation necklaces. The necklaces can look great with any kind of outfit.

Maang Tikka: It is a decorative piece of hair accessory. It can be easily teamed with any ethnic wear like saris, lehangas, etc.

Payals: This kind of jewellery is worn on the feet. It is basically a chain that can be made up if any metals. Mostly they are made up of silver and you will get to find intricate designs on them. Some of them may even come with small balls which can create beautiful sounds.

Nath: A chic styles nath can be ideal for the wedding as well as for other occasions. For example, it can be worn with traditional as well as western outfits. While it can be a simple stud with a single stone on them; or it could be something elaborate with a long chain that can extend up to the hair.

Bangles: It forms an important form of any Indian wedding. It can occur in several patterns and widths. While some wedding bangles come with precious and semi-precious stones embedded on them; some bangles may come with a simple design on them.

These jewellery ornaments have become very common in the Indian weddings. The brides can team these ornaments with any kind of attire they want and look beautiful in them.