How To Wear Bangles In Different Ways

Bangles are more than jewelry, they also have a traditional value in a lot of religions. Also, it is a part of the traditional customs for a married woman. Asian women also wear bangles to add a feminine touch to their looks. Bangles have started gaining huge popularity even outside Asia because of their style statement.

Bangles were once only paired with traditional attires but because of the changing trends and designs, bangles now complement almost all kinds of attires, from western to ethnics. Wearing a bangle or bangles makesyou look very stylish and there are a lot of different ways in which you an wear them. Try and experiment with the diferent types of bangles that you own. They are a cheap accessory so put them to the fullest use to stay ahead in the fashion game. Here are a few different ways in which you can wear bangles.

Different Shapes

Bangles are available nowadays in a variety of shapes. People usually wear the the circular ones but now you can experiment with triangle, squares and waves. A pro tip is to match the shape of your bangles to the patterns of your outfit.

Fewer To More

You can wear a single, statement bangle to multiple, light ones according to your attire. It is recommended to wear fewer bangles in case you are pairing them with western outfits and try more with traditional or ethnic attires.


Not all bangles are suitable for every event or occasion. Find the right bangles that complement the occasions you wear them for, like outdoor pinics and marriage parties.

Color Contrast

It is a good idea to wear bangles of multiple colors but make sure they complement or contrast the color of the dress you’ll be wearing with it. A complete mismatch of colors will spoil the look completely.

Mix The Textures

One of the most beautiful ways to wear bangles is by mixing the texture or material of them. Wearing glass bangles with metals makes for an impecceble look an gives you a very unique appearance.

Single Arm

A great fashion trend is to wear nothing on one hand and stacking up your other hand with multiple bangles. You can wear an elegant watch as a style statement on the hand that has been left empty.


For an elegant look, wear soft bangles that interwine and overlap well with each other. This is a great way to wear bangles for a casual, day look.

With so many tips and tricks, you are sure to steal the spotlight with your style statement. So go ahead and gt yourself some of this beautiful accessory.