A Diva’s Ultimate Guide to Wearing Gold Plated Necklaces

Gold plated necklaces have always been a part of high fashion. Irrespective of its design, a gold necklace will give your outfit along with your appearance hint of pizazz along with a classy feminine look. Incorporate the impeccable beauty of gold jewellery in your wardrobe with the following tips.

Gold Jewellery and Skin Tones

Women with a warmer skin tone are best suited for gold plated jewellery. These ladies look beautiful in earthy colours like gold, apricot, green, brown and turquoise.

There are a lot of women who prefer the colour of rose gold over yellow gold, and if that is your choice as well, do not be afraid to go with it. After all you should do what makes you feel good since that is what matters the most. Wear a narrow and long chain, with a coloured gemstone as a pendant, to distract people from the yellow colour of the metal.

Face Shapes and Gold Necklaces

Gold jewellery is the best option for women who have a warm skin tone. However, there are certain styles which suit only a particular face type more than others. A choker gold necklace greatly enhances the features of a heart shaped face. It is suitable for rectangular or oblong faces. On the other hand, for women with a square or round shape of face, a long gold chain type necklace of about 28 to 32 inches will complement their look perfectly. Women with long necks should go for shorter necklaces instead.

Pay Attention While Applying Makeup Or Perfume

You should always put on your gold plated jewellery last, after applying your make up, perfume, hairspray and all other stuff. Doing so will not allow any residue from settling into the intricate design patterns. Chemicals present in your make up causes the jewellery to discolour or the plating to chip off. It also reduces the lustre of your necklace and you’ll end up cleaning it more often than you should.

Complement Your Clothing Style

Sometimes even the bright coloured outfits appear bland when you do not accessorize properly with it. Adding a gold plated chain to your little black dress or a long necklace to your turtle neck top will instantly brighten the look. However, avoid small chains unless you are layering it with other, longer ones.

Keep these tips in mind and you are sure to be the diva of any event. Remember to carry yourself with confidence and grab the spotlight wherever you go.