Few Priceless Tips to Take Care of Gold Plated Bracelets

Gold plated bracelets have become most of the women’s favorite piece of elegance. This is for the fact that the bracelets are full of practicalities and are much affordable. So, the fashionistas who prefer keeping low in budget, preferably opt for such bracelets.

Available in unique designs and distinctive styles, these ornaments too need a bit of care. Plated jewelleries are a bit fragile, so these entail proper handling & maintenance too. For those who always wanted to know how to extend their life of their gold plated jewelleries, here are the winning points:

Avoid Spraying Perfume

Spraying perfume or deo is a strict no on these bracelets. Owing to the presence of several chemical substances, the thin layer of gold on the alloy tends to fade away easily. Therefore, it is always advisable to spray the perfume prior to wearing the bracelet.

Clean Occasionally

One must clean the bracelet after a certain interval. Now, this can be a bit tricky. Individuals must take care of certain facts before they start with the cleansing process. For instance, they need not require any hard soap or antibacterial cleaner while polishing the bracelet.

People can use mild soap and warm water to get free of dirts and stains as and when required. Moreover, to remove the junkies away from the stones or intricates, they can also use a toothbrush for gentle eradication.

Know the trick to put on & off

Also known as the rule of ‘last on and first off’, this one is really helpful. Jewellery expert suggest to put the gold-plated bracelet after one is done with the entire process of makeup including moisturizing. The piece of advice also suggests taking off the bracelet before going to bed. This will help the gold layer to stay on the bracelet for a long time.

Keep separately

Furthermore, the wearers should also store the bracelets separately in the air-locked pouches or boxes. Wrapping the bracelet in a piece of soft cloth helps extend the life by a good leap. People must not expose them under high temperature and direct sunlight.

Don’t use corrosive liquid

Lastly, the users should not use a corrosive liquid like nail polish remover, oil and liquid soaps. Coming in contact with these kinds of chemical substances, the bracelet can tarnish its original fade easily. Additionally, people who perspire a lot should also stay a bit careful while using.

Considering all these tips can help the wearers restore the beauty of gold plated bracelets for a longer time than the usual.